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How do I Login and Out of the TreatmentBasics website?

How Do I Access My Course?

How Do I Open a Course Module?

How Do I Navigate Within a Course?

How Do I Navigate Within a Slide?

How Do I Navigate Video Within a Module?

How Do I Self Enroll Without an Account?

How Do I Self Enroll With an Account?

How do I purchase a course?
Individuals and organizations can purchase one or more individual subscriptions. One subscription for every person. See Purchase Tab for More Information.


What is a subscription?
A subscription provides access to the course, content, practice exercises, learning measures, performance feedback and support materials for the duration of the subscription.


Why three and six month long subscriptions?
The length of the subscriptions allow for knowledge and skill development over time, after all learning is a process, not an event. While users are expected to complete the course within the first 30 days of the subscription, the remaining time enables the learner to return to the course content for reference whenever they need to, reinforcing the knowledge acquired, and supporting the transfer and maintenance of that knowledge in the workplace.

Learners can continue to access content, practice quizzes, exercises and learning measures to help evaluate their retention of knowledge. The results reinforce knowledge gains, as well as help the learner identify and focus on the knowledge areas that continue to need improvement.


What is required to "Successfully" complete the e-Courses?
Successfully completing the courses requires all users to complete; the user survey, all course modules in the order they are presented, all Pre and Post Course Learning Measures, and the course evaluation. 

The TreatmentBasics learning management system (TB-LMS) tracks all user access.  The TB-LMS records the date, time and duration of access. It records  which modules were accessed, when they were accessed, and for how long they were accessed. It records which slides and videos were accessed and for how long. The TB-LMS also records all Pre and Post Learning Measures scores.

If a user has NOT Successfully completed a course they will not be eligible for receiving a Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Units.


How long does it take to complete the ASI or ASAM e-Courses?
Each course includes content, exercises and learning measures that take approximately 18 hours to complete, 3 of which are related to the Pre and Post Course Learning Measures. Therefore, approximately 15 hours is related to the course content e.g., lecture, video, and exercises.

The e-Courses are more effective and comprehensive than standard one and two day onsite workshops. They provide users more details, content, practice opportunities, performance feedback, and support materials than is possible during standard one and two day workshops.


How many CEU's do I receive for successfully completing the ASI or ASAM e-Course?
The ASI & ASAM e-Courses are approved for up 20 CEU's by the National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NADAAC). If you complete the user survey, course content, learning measures and evaluation you will receive 18 CEU's. If you complete and submit a copy of the Learning Contract discussed in Module 2.0, and located in the Resource Folder for that module you will receive an additional two CEU's.


What's in the module resource folders?
The module resource folders contain materials e.g., info sheets, articles and/or books related to the content covered in the module. All resource materials can be downloaded. 


How do I receive my Certificate of Completion / Continuing Education Units?
Upon "Successfully" completing "ALL" course requirements email Dr. Coyne that you have completed the course content. He will review your course access and learning measures scores and get back to you. If everything is in order you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Units. If it is determined that you have not "Successfully" completed all course requirements you will be notified of those findings and will not receive a Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Units.  


What do I do if I have a problem using the TB-LMS?
Email us immediately using the contact page on the main menu. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible to help resolve the issue.